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Work Environments Thriving Through Learning Initiatives

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Kale shares with us about his work environments being fully committed towards helping each team member grow! They do this through their learning hours initiative, where each full time employee gets 4 hours per week to learn about something new and up skill themselves in an area of their choice.

They share this learning whether it be professionally or personally in each weekly team meeting. They do this to not only help share knowledge, but that knowledge could also be useful to someone else and might help them on their learning journey as well! 

This is an awesome initiative for a workplace! Let us know what your workplace does to help keep employees wellness thriving! 


Click here to hear more about what Kale does within his environments!

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Tim is a father and husband, he is also the CEO and founder of Grow Good, a company helping businesses become B Corp certified!

Wellbeing to Tim is getting out in the mountains skiing, spending quality time with his family and friends, researching and connecting to his whakapapa, and linking to his neighbourhood and wider community! Tim is passionate about making a positive contribution to those around him which we think is epic

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