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Time?! Where the hell does it go!

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Written by Daz Burns

Time, you just keep on ticking don’t ya!


Where does it go? …Seriously?! 

I feel like it’s the same confused astonishment I get when we, yet again, have socks missing when they all went in the washing machine.

Or the befuddled feeling when the TV remote has gone wandering to a random spot in our house!

I’m pretty efficient and planned, and yet I am still left wondering how on earth it gets to school pick-up time and my to-do list is still full… fuller than when the day started most days?!



Sheesh, you sure do run away on me! 

I look at my kids.

I look at my new wrinkles.

I look at my ‘vintage’ clothes.

And wonder how 1985 got so far away so fast?!


Pearl’s of wisdom

So I thought I would share a short ‘pearl of wisdom’ in case you are in the same ‘struggling for time’ haze with me.

Relax and let go of the mountainous goals you set for yourself each day! 

Instead of setting 10 big to-do’s, take it to 6 and see if that is more achievable for you.

  1. Of those ‘big’ 6, order them with the most important at the top and you can’t move onto the next until number one is done and dusted. 
  2. Have a list of easy jobs too that don’t take too much brain power like texting someone or organizing things and highlight them so if you have brain fade throughout the day you can keep being productive doing an ‘easier task’ while getting back to being focused. 
  3. At the end of the day take 10 minutes to write up tomorrow’s to-do list and follow the same process, prioritise and also check in with what is realistic.



Remember to be kind to yourself when it comes to the end of the day. 

You are allowed to be bewildered by time, she is a beast you have no control over but nevertheless be grateful for the time you have and make the most of it without beating yourself up that you don’t always achieve what you think you ‘should’.   


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