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The Importance of having a Safe Environment

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We talk to Ranjna about her environments that she is apart of and what she would share with others to help with the racism, discrimination and work ethic within the community, what you would say?  

“You don’t tell people, what you do is what people will see”

Talking about actions rather than words, that is how you make change. Talking with Ranjna she shares the success stories and statistics of her Gandhi Nivas (Peace Home) programme which helps men have a place to go, and provides them with tools to help prevent domestic violence in the home. 

She talks about the environment that is created at the home and how healing it is for the men to come and get out of the situation themselves and evaluate, with the help of counsellors, what has happened, what led them to doing what they did and also providing resilient tools to help them going forward. 

This initiative is an amazing one that is not only helping the community she is apart of but is being sought after by other places to try and help more communities and environments across Aotearoa, all of which started from Ranjna and her ability to connect people and a idea, and we think that is amazing!

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