Yoga: 06

Find your flow with our well-balanced, Yoga session focusing on combining our breath and mind strength in each pose!

Olivia from Enrich Yoga will take you through a flow you didn’t know you needed! Help connect to your body and each pose, whilst Olivia guides you through everything you need to know to feel comfortable in practice!


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Yoga: 11

Olivia from Enrich Yoga reminds us today that Yoga as more than just exercise, with a focus on embodiment!

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Yoga: 09

Join Olivia as she takes us on a journey to get to King Pigeon Pose, and if that’s not you today no worries, Olivia talks through plenty of options!

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Yoga: 08

Join Olivia today for full-balanced flow, stretching the whole body, using similar poses to feel a lovely rhythm!

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Yoga: 07

Join Olivia in a Yoga session, as she guides us through a flow focusing on engaging our whole body and enjoying the experience!

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This is not your ordinary run of the mill leadership or wellbeing event.
This, is ten amazing speakers.
Each speaking for ten minutes each.
To motivate.
To inspire.
To challenge perspectives.
To be impactful.
To create meaningful moments.
To send you on your way replenished, refocused and ready to lead more authentically and effectively.

We are inviting you to join us to reflect, connect, share, learn, cross pollinate and make change happen.