Vanessa McGowan: Chasing a music career from New Zealand to USA

Vanessa McGowan

This lady is incredible, from smashing it on stage to just being an epic human being!
Vanessa is a bass player who has had the opportunity to play with some of the world’s best artists! Born and bred in Aotearoa, she took on the mighty United States with endeavours to pursue her musical career, and she is smashing it!
You might see a familiar face during our interview, Cassie joins us again as a close friend to Vanessa and they talk all things USA and Aotearoa together before we kick into Vanessa’s wellbeing journey!
With Vanessa we delve into juggling your career and time for yourself, Vanessa’s career is something that she is passionate about so outside of her ‘work’ she loves to make sure that she fills her cup! We also talk about making the time to exercise, the power of a supportive community, integrity as key and having a creative mindset!

We hope you enjoy this epic kōrero, let us know what you think!


Action points: 

  1. Check out all things Vanessa on her website!
  2. Enjoyed the sneak peek of Cassie? Check out her interview here!
  3. Daz’s blog about the importance of taking care of yourself!

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