Samar Alrayyes: Overcoming all odds

Samar Alrayyes: 

Samar is an absolute rockstar! Not only is she a mother to her son, but she is also the Senior Client Executive at Microsoft New Zealand!

We talk to Samar about her wellbeing and the heart touching journey she has been on to get to where she is today! From living year by year as a family and sometimes month by month wondering what country her family will live in next to being an honour student at University, Samar’s journey is incredible and something we are so grateful to her for sharing with us. 

Samar is also the NZ Tech Women Co-chair helping encourage and shift barriers for women to get into tech careers! She is also a part of many start-up boards to help passionately make change towards a better and innovative Aotearoa!  

We kōrero about the many elements that make up Samar’s wellbeing journey including cultivating inclusive team cultures, encouraging women to get into tech, helping refugees feel at home here in New Zealand and even catching Pokemon with her son!


This kōrero is epic and one that we think everyone can take something away from, and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it! 


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