Miriam Wood: Stress, rest and squishing our inner critic

Miriam Wood: 

Miriam is a wife and mother to two gorgeous boys and in her own words is a lady in charge of her own calendar! She is also a Health Psychologist and helps people find their way and discover strategies to get through tricky situations! 

We kōrero about strategies to help us when we are under stress and how we can identify it! Rest is massive at the moment. Miriam shares with us the importance of respecting the need to rest and recover properly, whether from Covid or general illnesses, to ensure that we can operate fully at work and in our personal lives! Miriam also talks to us about our inner critic and how we can speak to ourselves from a place of kindness as well as ways that we can be prepared for challenges!

We also learn about how Miriam takes care of her wellbeing and why it is important to prioritise our wellbeing every day! This kōrero is full of insights and golden nuggets to help you on your wellbeing journey, find a cozy spot and lean into learning during this kōrero! 


Action Points:

  1. Miriam’s Website: Miriam Psychology
  2. Saying NO to body shaming blog
  3. David Galbraith’s Interview about children’s wellness

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