Jenene Crossan: Chronic fatigue, women empowerment and belonging

Jenene Crossan:

Jenene is an amazing force of nature, she is a mother and wife and an all round great person, doing her part in the world to bring awareness and conversation towards the important topic of long Covid and women empowerment and equality. 

Jenene shares the realities of long covid with us, the lifestyle change that this has meant for her and her family, but also the positive impacts regarding her ability to slow down and focus on purposeful passion projects. 

Jenene is the CEO and Co-Founder of Powered by Flossie, the Bloggers Club and and has made massive shifts in the media sector with her “We Want Women” video that sparked amazing conversation and awareness to the equality stance for women across all walks of life. 

Wellbeing and lifestyle changed a lot for Jenene over the last few years due to long Covid, having moved home from the hustle of London to now be settled in the beautiful and peaceful Piha. Jenene talks about key things for her wellbeing now being drastically different pre-covid, once a keen adventurer Jenene now has to prioritise one to two tasks per day to avoid feeling totally exhausted. 

We talk to Jenene about her impact on society and the work she is doing to help raise awareness about long Covid, women equality and generally being proud of who you are and where you come from, and the massive benefits this has on your wellbeing! 

*Please know that this was filmed in August 2021, and what is talked about regarding COVID-19 and the pandemic is relative to that stage in the pandemic. 


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