Clothe our Kids Waikato: Charity impact on the community

Clothe our Kids:

Nikki Sherrard and Nicole Cowan are the proud founders of the Waikato based Charity called Clothe our Kids Waikato!

Clothe our Kids is a charity that helps to provide needy Waikato based children with quality second hand clothing that they might not have had the opportunity to have otherwise. The pair started the charity when they had nobody to pass their kids clothes onto and thought that many other parents must be in the same boat too so decided to help get quality clothes to kids in need! Nikki and Nicole both have a passion for helping kids in need as they both grew up in single parent families where money was a bit tight!

Nikki and Nicole talk about the charity and the impact that they have had, the kids they have helped and the stories that have come from the thousands of clothing packages that they have put together for Waikato children!

When the pair aren’t busy running a charity they are also mothers and wives, as well as juggling their families they both have other part-time jobs that they are committed too, including a necklace beading business they run together called A Dozen Ideas!

Have a listen to this epic kōrero today about the value of giving, the impact these two amazing ladies are having on children within their community, and the ripple effect this has on the many children that they help!


Action points: 

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