Acceptance commitment therapy in action with kids

Grant speaks about acceptance commitment therapy in action

In our podcast with Professor Grant Schofield, he shared a story about using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with kids during a sports tournament. Schofield explained that although it’s not traditional psychology, the principles of ACT were applied effectively.

Before the tournament, he talked with the kids about their expectations, especially concerning refereeing. The boys were convinced the refs would make unfair calls against them, and Schofield acknowledged this as a certainty. He asked them how they’d feel when it happened, and they admitted they’d be angry and upset.

Schofield helped them understand that these feelings were normal and inevitable. By accepting this, they could focus on their behaviour instead of their emotions. The boys realised that dwelling on unfair calls would only hurt their performance. So, they decided to notice their feelings but not let them interfere with their game.

This approach paid off. The team stayed composed and ended up winning the tournament. Schofield noted it wasn’t about their football skills but their ability to maintain their cool and play well despite their frustrations. He highlighted that while other teams lost their composure, his team thrived, thanks to the principles of ACT. This story vividly illustrates how acceptance and commitment can lead to success, even in high-stress situations.

To hear more from Grant and the concept of acceptance commitment therapy in practice click here! 

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