Resilient Wellbeing Foundations Workshop

Every now and then you should turn off your daily autopilot and go through each element of your day to lift your awareness.

From waking up until bedtime, ask questions, look at things in different ways and correlate expectations vs. reality. We don’t want to be threadbare at the end of each day, we want to be thriving, even when we face challenges.

The Good Day Matrix Resilient Wellbeing Foundations workshop

“You’ve provided a map to continue moving and prioritising the wellbeing of our team long-term. It was great to be supported by The Good Day Matrix Team”.

– Dr. Aimee Anderson-O’Connor & Nick Clothier

Daz and Emily from TGDM

Facilitated by
Daz Burns &
Emily Ussher

What to expect

PSA: There is no off the shelf advice, tips or strategies from experts and gurus that will specifically work for you.

You need to formulate and work through the process and the questions yourself. There is no life hack track that you can jump on that will sort everything out in your life without effort.

This session is for you to make the time to sort it out and make a plan, so when the wheels fall off, you have a plan to get it fixed and keep moving forward.

Resilient wellbeing foundations workshop

What's included?

  • Five pillars of wellbeing
  • Disruptors
  • Growth
  • Attitude and mindsets
  • Joy vs. dread
  • Control your controllables


of Kiwi workers have experienced burnout!

1 in 2 New Zealander’s are at

HIGH risk of burnout.

In 2020, it was 1 in 6.

You have the opportunity to change these statistics!

Resilient Wellbeing Foundations Workshop is great for...

  • People who struggle to value their downtime.
  • People who need to sort out their calendar architecture.
  • People who need to look at the big picture alongside the little steps and moments that contribute to the overall plan.
  • People who are wanting to get ‘back on track.’
Fractional Wellbeing and Leadership Support​

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This is not your ordinary run of the mill leadership or wellbeing event.
This, is ten amazing speakers.
Each speaking for ten minutes each.
To motivate.
To inspire.
To challenge perspectives.
To be impactful.
To create meaningful moments.
To send you on your way replenished, refocused and ready to lead more authentically and effectively.

We are inviting you to join us to reflect, connect, share, learn, cross pollinate and make change happen.