Phil Thomson: Opportunities through tech

Phil Thomson: 

Phil is a father and husband, he is also the Co-Founder of @aurorhq! Before founding Auror, he was a corporate lawyer and also has a degree in psychology! A man with a neat journey, who across all aspects is genuinely trying to change the world for the better!

In our kōrero we talk about the juggle of family and business, the need for exercise, how your experiences growing up help to shape your resilience and curiosity, and why ultimately you have to enjoy the mahi that you do!

We also talk about the incredible mahi that the team at Auror are doing by using technology to create safer communities! As well as the incredible opportunity we have as New Zealanders to get involved, whether that be through a job in tech or just by learning more about it- absolutely incredible stuff!

An incredibly insightful kōrero and one we can’t wait to hear your feedback on, we hope you enjoy it!


Action Points:

  1. Auror website
  2. Theresa Gattung kōrero
  3. David Galbraith kōrero
  4. Listen on Spotify

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