David Galbraith: Embracing your authentic self

David Galbraith:

David Galbraith is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in both clinical and sporting sectors!
David, better known in the sporting world as DG, has been a Team Performance Psychologist for many sports teams including The All Blacks Sevens Team, Chiefs Super Rugby Team, Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic Netball Team and is currently working with the Japanese National Rugby Team. David is also in his 3rd Olympic cycle with High Performance Sport NZ having been a part of the Olympic programmes for London, Rio, and Tokyo as a Performance Psychologist. Being a part of these cycles has meant he has also worked with individual athletes such as Lisa Carrington, Sarah Walker, Mike Dawson and many MORE!!
David has a strong passion for courage and identity, and this is evident in our kōrero with him! David takes us on a learning journey that will open up our perspective and leave us with ALOT of golden nuggets to take with us and pass on to those around us! We discuss what wellbeing is, identity and the importance of knowing who you are, courage and how to take steps towards being courageous, being authentic and its importance in today’s society, quintessential weirdos, and SO much more!
As well as being a psychologist David is also an Author, but most importantly he is a husband and a father of two girls!
This kōrero is jammed packed with goodness and will leave you feeling joyful with a new lease and perspective on life! So, prioritise your wellbeing, your learning, your development and most importantly YOU! Take some time to watch this, we know you won’t regret it!
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