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Ngawai Hawera Interview Sneak Peak: Environment

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This snippet is one of the most powerful we have had around Environment! Ngawai talks about how she recently has used her time to reflect and had realisations about her past and what this means for her moving forward. 

She talks about how she has worked towards gaining an understanding of her life experiences to date, within her environments she has been a part of! Some of these include delving into situations involving childhood trauma, and the effects of generational trauma and behaviours. 

Ngawai says that from this reflection she has identified that she wants to instill clear boundaries for their whānau and to include positive affirmations within her daughter’s life, she also talks about the type of parent she aims to be has never been more clearer. Ngawai aims to put daily effort into making sure her daughter is confident in who she is as a person, and using communication as a clear tool to help make a big difference!


Click here to see the full interview!
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