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Identity… it’s ongoing




One of the biggest lessons Craig has learnt along his identity journey is that you don’t know everything! There is always room to learn, grow and understand situations better. 

For Craig, he has found letting go of the people that were once a part of his journey doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means you are strong enough to re-evaluate where you are at. 

Craig talks about this being a key part of letting your past, and moving forward into the future, acceptance is everything. 


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Brooke is a mother and a wellbeing mindset coach! Doing massive work with athletes wanting to get that extra edge by prioritising their wellbeing! 

She is an absolute machine on the hockey turf,  an olympian, and a commonwealth games medalist!

As the founder of All About Balance, Brooke draws on her experience in the high performance environment to help aspiring athletes as well as businesses to ensure that they prioritise their wellbeing!

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