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Family as a key value

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The value of family has stuck with Heather for her entire life!

Heather shares that her family are close-knit family due to her parents and the work they did to ensure they remained connected at a young age. 

To her this is something that she has carried through to her own family and is really proud of how connected her children are with their cousins and that they get to, regardless of location, be connected and have regular catch-ups thanks to technology! 


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Brooke is a mother and a wellbeing mindset coach! Doing massive work with athletes wanting to get that extra edge by prioritising their wellbeing! 

She is an absolute machine on the hockey turf,  an olympian, and a commonwealth games medalist!

As the founder of All About Balance, Brooke draws on her experience in the high performance environment to help aspiring athletes as well as businesses to ensure that they prioritise their wellbeing!

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