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Dr Galia BarHava-Monteith Interview Sneak Peak: Environment

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Environment is a big focus for a lot of Galia’s work that she does within the organisational culture and creating optimal environments to allow people to flourish! Galia talks about how much she values a high-performing culture and the importance of creating an environment where people are able to safely make mistakes and express their viewpoint, whilst balancing the expectation to perform. Galia and Daz dive into this discussion further in the full interview and talk about what you can do to help cultivate this within your workplace! 

In terms of home environments, Galia talks about the importance of creating a safe space that can amplify one’s wellness to feel truly centred and connected to themselves, whilst being able to relax and feel grounded. Not only do her children love the space they have within their home they also have traditions within their home that they draw upon to connect together as a whānau! These include expressing gratitude and their gratefuls for the week whilst eating dinner together as a family, Galia mentions that although it might be a task at times to get buy in from her whānau that the outcome long term means that they are able to think gratefully about their situation and express this more easily! 


Click here to view the full interview! 

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