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Cassie Roma Interview sneak peek: Mind

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Here is a snippet of Cassie talking about being able to check in with yourself and identify when your anxiety is heightened. How important it is to ask why and find the trigger.  By doing these steps, you are able to get perspective quickly to navigate and handle your next actions to cope and keep moving forward.  A critical piece of this story is that during her breakdown, as a result of open comms, Cassie’s wife helped save her life. 

Being able to quickly assess a situation, instead of overthinking things has changed the game for her. Cassie now says she is able to give herself ‘permission’ to have a break to help with her mental health and get the space and clarity she needs.  

“Once you learn to let go of some of these things and once we have the tools to help you, you’re gonna realise your potency”


Click here to see the full interview!

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  1. Really enjoyed the interview. It reminded me to be grateful and to pursue those long-forgotten hobbies. Great stuff!

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