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Cassie Roma Interview sneak peek: Body

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Cassie, being brought up in America feels like her meditation for her body was through being active whether that be walking or lifting weights. The focus for her she feels is the importance of putting time aside for her to work on herself, and being able to prioritise herself in that space without any negotiations! 

Cassie shares how COVID positively impacted on her ability to move her body more through walking meetings, whereby she noticed that not only was her body feeling great she felt that she was more productive in her days as she was able to tick things off and feel accomplished! 

Being present was also another way that she is able to use as a cue for her! 

Cassie talks about juggling the corporate space with her need for movement and exercise and sometimes it’s a juggling act but Cassie knew that for her it was important to prioritise it at some point otherwise her wellness cup would be empty. 

The corporate world can be mentally draining, but as Cassie was made aware and has learnt over time that if her “body was ready then my mind would be fine!”


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