Te Pūoho Katene: On a journey to create meaningful impact

Te Pūoho Katene wellbeing interview with The Good Day Matrix

Our kōrero with Te Pūoho dives into his journey with identity and the significance he places on knowing who you are and what you stand for not only personally but professionally too. We also talk about what wellbeing looks like for him, from Kapa Haka to making a meaningful impact within communities Te Pūoho is passionate about seeing positive change!

Giving back and connecting to your community

Te Pūoho talks about giving back to your community and connecting to your culture

Te Pūoho shares with us the importance there is within the Māori culture of giving back to your community! We also talk about the positive effects this has on your wellbeing!

Whakapapa as your superpower

Te Pūoho talks about whakapapa as a superpower

Te Pūoho shares with us the importance of connecting to your whakapapa and how doing so can help inspire you and what you do.

Importance of self-belief

Te Pūoho Katene, talking about self belief and tall poppy syndrome

Te Pūoho talks about the concept of whakaiti, humility, and how we as New Zealanders often shy away from celebrating our wins! 


Brodie has been in the media industry for many years, from speaking on the radio to blessing our TV screens with her humour and uniqueness, she has done it! Now she has her own media company Brodie Kane Media which has many successful podcasts!

We kōrero about carrying an active lifestyle from a young age, through surf lifesaving and being in the army! We also dive into juggling being in the media and speaking your truth, owning a business, running as a space to slow down, the reason finding your why is important and the importance of connecting with those around you!

This was a fun and epic kōrero with laughs throughout about assholes shining and winning the lotto, we hope you enjoy it!

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